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Cinderella Series - Carly Syms

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I first came across this series a little over a year ago when amazon recommended Cinderella in Cleats. I was so happy that I bought it because I enjoyed the strong female leads and sports aspects of the stories. These stories show how strong females really are and what they can do if they set their minds to something.

I highly recommend this series to everyone who enjoys the strong female leads in books.


It started like any other Saturday; Whitney, her best friend, Jason, and their fathers tossed an old football around in the park. But when her dad dies of a heart attack, Whitney doesn't realize her passion for the sport and her friendship with Jason will never be the same. 

Two years later, Whitney's to begin the long journey of re-discovering her love for football, encountering a sexist coach, an unethical but irresponsible opponent, a mustard yellow t-shirt, and Jason along the way.

How many boys, romance, and hits on the field can Whitney handle before it becomes too much and she's forced to throw in the towel of her dreams.

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Natalie Melter hates that her family made her leave sunny Arizona to move to Wisconsin but she's even more upset that her dad, a former hockey player, tells her she can move back to Arizona in the Summer only if she makes her school's hockey team.

Natalie doesn't know the first thing about standing up on a pair of ice skates, but life in snowy Wisconsin is about to get a whole lot more interesting when the cute college hockey player next door decides to teach her the sport he loves.

Will Natalie put it together in time to make the team or will Shane be a distraction she can't ignore?

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College baseball pitcher Doan Riley was always a good guy until things in his life started to change him. Now he's reckless, angry and has a penchant for getting himself into trouble, though he's always been able to find his way out. Until now.

Holly Shaw's back in town for the first time in years, and she isn't happy about it. She's only in Arizona because she has nowhere else to go and her dad's letting her stay with him until she figures out her next move now that her mom jetted of to Europe with her new husband. 

Holly just wants to make enough money to move away...until she gets involved in her father's summer baseball league for the college guys in town.

When she meets her older brother's friend Doan for the first time, she thinks he's rude, arrogant and totally unlikable, but as she gets more and more involved with the team, she starts to realize that first impressions shouldn't always be the last impression. 

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